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Welcome! You’ve found your way to possibly the largest survival skills website on the internet.

Let me first say: I’m not going to bore you with a cheezy sales spiel. I’m not going to scare you into anything.

You’re here because:

  • You’re interested in living a more “sustainable” lifestyle.
  • You’re looking to prepare a survival plan should you be faced with a crisis.
  • You would like to live more independently of the current energy & food supply chain.
  • You’re looking for knowledge on how to achieve the above.

I’m going to cut straight to the chase

Using the information on this very website, thousands of people just like you have ended their reliance on the supermarket, the gas station and the electricity network.

Not only that. These same thousands of people have built workable survival plans 100% tailored to their precise location in the world.

Every possible scenario is covered by our 600+ preparation and survival ebooks. Whether war, recession, flood, earthquake, volcano, tsunami, disease outbreak, nuclear disaster, chemical or biological threat, food or energy shortage, or any other threat, you will find the necessary specific knowledge to survive within this vast electronic library.

Not only will you learn how to prepare and survive disaster, you’ll discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones, how to move, where to move to and how to rebuild.

Every single book can be read straight on our site, or downloaded and safely printed into hardcopy.

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  1. You Will Survive Doomsday
  2. Bush Survival
  3. Survival Firearms
  4. Becoming Self Sufficient For Six Months
  5. Army Survival Manual
  6. Hurricane Survival
  7. Bulletproof Your Home
  8. Emergency Bug Out Planning Sheet
  9. What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent
  10. Earthquake Preparedness





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