bird feedersBirds have to be one of the best pest control systems around.

With their ability to eat 50 pounds of insects a day with just a family of two adult and three young birds, attracting birds to your home is always a smart idea. If you live somewhere remote or off the grid, these creatures will take care of any pest control you may need for your garden. In addition, hawks and owls will quite handily take care of rodents and snakes in the area, making them an even better asset to any homesteader. In fact, an owl family will easily consume 3000 rats or mice every year.

One of the best ways to ensure that your food supply is kept safely stored is to make a good home for these useful creatures by creating sturdy and safe nesting boxes, bird houses and bird feeding stations to help them through the winter.

To learn what birds in your area might contribute to your home’s well-being, read our primer on beginning bird watching. It will give you the basics for understanding birds in your area and how to attract the right kind.

bird housesIf you have never built a bird feeder or birdhouse before, you might want to start by reading Attracting Birds to get the basics. Then, when you are ready for your first birdhouse, try something like building a bluebird house or perhaps the cedar house. For those all important owls screech owl houses or barn owl houses will walk you through how to build right there on your property.

For more ideas on how birds can be beneficial to gardening be sure to also check out our gardening section for ideas on growing backyard vegetables.

Birds and their role in our survival is just one facet of the big picture in Ultimate Survival Skills. You can learn a variety of information from our booklets including:

  • Where to find birds
  • How to build different types of shelters
  • What kind of bird feeders birds like
  • How to select the right bird food for the right bird



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