information on insectsWhether you are looking to arm yourself against stinging and biting insects, or simply looking to gain knowledge by starting an insect collection, information on insects is a truly valuable resource.

From knowing how to spot carpenter ant damage in your home to growing mealworms as a source of a protein-rich diet, insects are a vital part of our ever-changing environment and play an important role in our ecosystem.

Learn the answers to questions, such as:

• How can I protect myself against mosquitoes?
• What is DEET?
• What kind of home structural damage can ants cause?
• How can I identify spiders?
• What should I know about stinging insects and allergies?
• How can I grow mealworms in small spaces?
• What are carpenter bees?
• How can I prevent cockroaches from taking over?

And much, much more!

information on insectEveryone should know how to react to insect bites and/or insect sting situations, especially if wandering around in the wilderness and you or someone you know accidentally wanders into an insect nest. Being mentally prepared with knowledge, combined with remaining calm and focused, can help save someone’s life!

Whether you are an urban dweller, a survivalist roaming the wilderness, or live in a rural setting, having a basic conceptual knowledge about insects is important. If you are stranded and in dire need of a protein-rich meal, Ultimate Survival Skills’ vast collection of insect guides offers information about identifying ants, areas where crickets are abundant, conifer dwelling insects and more.

For the insect collecting hobbyist, Ultimate Survival Skills offers unique resources, such as Collecting and Preserving Insects and Mites: Techniques & Tools, written by the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. and entomology collections written by the Smithsonian Institute. This information is also useful for trapping and collecting specimens, knowledge that may prove useful in wilderness situations.



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