Brick & Masonry

diy masonryWorking with bricks and masonry is an ancient skill that is the keystone to any plans to build a homestead whether it is for survival in an emergency or from a desire to live remote or off the grid.

Man has been building with stone from the earliest times because it is a strong and readily available material. It is the ideal material for home building because it is fire resistant, insulates well and is strong enough to withstand extreme weather. Stone or brick houses are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Knowing and understanding basic DIY masonry will allow a person to build a solid and successful foundation for a home, create retaining walls to make hillside agriculture more successful and use local stone to create lasting structures.

diy retaining-wallUnderstanding the nature of weight stresses, load balances and other useful stone DIY masonry topics can be applied to a variety of vital building skills. For a beginner, it might be best to understand the basics of brick-laying before moving on to the more detailed instructions such as our guide for guild qualification as a bricklayer.

Both of these look at the skills needed for brick-laying though the basics will walk you through your primary lessons on brick laying techniques. One you have mastered these DIY mason skills, you will be ready to move on to the more complex work of mastering guild qualifications or creating your own brick retaining wall.

Find out the answers to many important questions about becoming a DIY mason like:

  • What it takes to qualify for the brick mason guild
  • How to account for frost heave in a retaining wall
  • The basics for estimating masonry materials for a project
  • The difference between face bricks and paving bricks
  • Why native stone works best for any masonry project

The challenge of building with brick and masonry is always in the details. Master those details and you can soon find yourself able to build walls, walkways and even houses with just the materials on your own land.

It is the most basic of tools and the best survival technique for any family to own. Learn to master it for your family here.



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