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diy chemistryUnderstanding the chemistry behind much of what we see today is usually reserved for scientists and technicians. But if you are looking to be more self-sufficient, understanding these basics can be an important building block to your life.

The problem is, where does someone find the kind of information that can usually only be found in a lab environment? More importantly, how does anyone then move from that basic information to useful information that will not result in your home being blown up or turning the student of chemistry into a giant green monster? Okay- maybe not the last one, but you get the picture.

Chemistry and the formulas and practical uses for it are not something that you just casually experiment in and hope to understand.

That is what makes this collection of instructions so unique. It has everything from how to set up and run your own bacteriology lab to how to create useful commercial compounds from ordinary household ingredients. All of this information is basic to everyday life, from understanding how soap is made to knowing what combination of ingredients will keep mosquitoes at bay. In fact, basic chemistry will tell the difference between soap and detergent and when you need one or the other.

chemistry labIf you have never ventured into DIY chemistry and want to check it out, then our booklet on how to set up your own lab is just right for you. It is written for beginners and will get you on the road to understanding basic chemistry. Our booklet on practical chemistry might be a good next step, along with our guide to creating important commercial chemicals from simple household items. For the really advanced chemists we even have an advanced organic chemistry lab booklet that will challenge you and also open your eyes up to new possibilities in organic chemistry right in your own home.

Chemistry is all around us, and understanding it is just one more important step in discovering how to make ourselves a bit more independent of the giant corporate grid we are all surrounded by. These DIY chemistry guidelines will open up doors to explore new ways to create and manage additional chemical elements in and around your home.



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