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diy clothingWhen it comes to survival, nothing is more essential then being able to clothe yourself.

This may sound obvious but since so few people sew anymore learning a DIY clothing skill that only fifty years ago was a basic may come as a surprise to anyone considering learning some baseline survival skills. Beyond the basics of sewing by hand or machine, there is also the knowledge of fabric, the relationship of materials (you wouldn’t use a smooth fine silk thread to repair a torn wool coat for instance), and how to work with such traditional materials as animal skins.

In a survival situation where housing may not be as warm as our modern homes, wearing the right clothing in the right layers (silk next to the skin to wick out moisture) can be an important survival skill that may become overlooked. Knowing how to dry out wet clothing in an emergency situation could save someone’s life.

Dressing for extreme weather is not just what you wear but how you wear it, and knowing this can be the difference between life and death if you are out in the wilderness.

Learn some DIY clothing tricks from experts such as:

  • The three-layer clothing system
  • How to wrap a traditional turban
  • Quick dry sock techniques
  • Wind chill survival
  • How to make Native American shoulder bags

diy shirtYou can learn everything from the basics such as in our winter clothing survival guide or how to wrap a turban ( a must in any desert environment) to the instructions on making pouches and dresses as the native tribes of North America have for centuries. Dressing for the environment you are in is a vital part of any survival plan and knowing how to do it will make a big impact in anyone’s life even if they are not in an emergency situation or living off the grid in the wilderness.

If you want to know more about the basics of survivalist clothing, DIY clothing or even how to make really good costumes, this is the place to go.



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