diy furnitureWhen it comes to being self-sufficient, having handmade DIY furniture may be one of the best ways to ensure a comfortable life while pursuing one that is remote or off the grid.

A large part of the current survivalist movement is the move towards self-sufficiency and the ability to create your own environment. While building your own homestead and growing your own food is definitely a large part of this movement, the ability to do such things as make your own furniture is also a growing skill in the movement for obvious reasons.

DIY furniture workshops have sprung up in many cities and the internet has seen a growth in DIY furniture plans online.

But making your own furniture can go beyond the basic plank and mattress bed so many unfamiliar with the movement imagine. Designs that harkens back to earlier times such as Shaker, Amish and Mission–style furniture is the perfect approach for any back to the woods survivalist or anyone who wishes for the rural life. This is because these styles embrace pre-industrial techniques such as tongue-and-groove connections and the elimination of the use of nails in their designs.

diy furnituresFor anyone who is considering their first venture into the world of DIY furniture making, the mission style furniture embodied by such designers as Stickley is the perfect entry point because of its simple and yet functional design. The best place to begin might be the simple set of furniture designs from the Popular Mechanics Books set we have here or if you have tried your hand at some previous furniture making, you might want to try our more advanced guide to creating your own mission furniture.


You can create a vast array of furniture from these designs including:

  • Oak buffet
  • Writing desk
  • Mantle clock
  • Armchair
  • Bookcase
  • Dining Table
  • Child’s dresser

Of course, not everything in life is elegant furniture and we have provided a few useful and very handy guides on creating rotating can bins for the pantry and a very clever can goods storage container complete with blueprints for those long term storage plans.

But regardless of whether you are looking for plans for handmade furniture or just some good ideas for storage and basic DIY furniture for your own home, these plans can open the door to hours of pleasure with a practical payoff when you learn to make your own furniture.



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