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diy food millOne of the three basics of survival is food. But being able to prepare the raw ingredients for food can be tricky if you don’t have the right equipment.

Anyone who has ever considered living simply and as much off the grid as possible knows that the ability to grow and prepare your own food is an essential part of the plan.

Down through the ages a DIY food mill have been used to make rough grains more digestible and any food you put through them smooth and ready for additions to soups, sauces and so much more. If you are planning on putting up some canning from your garden, this will be a vital part of your routine. And, of course, a grain mill is essential if you are considering growing grains for bread or even making your own variety of home brews.

From homesteading in the mountains to preparing for the next big emergency weather situation, having a hand crank DIY food mill and grain mill can mean you will have the ability to turn raw grains, fruits and vegetables into a form you can cook and use.

diy food preparationOf course, canning is not the only way to preserve food, which is why the solar dryer is such a great tool for anyone with fruit trees or a vegetable garden. You have not lived until you have eaten sun dried tomatoes from your own garden; there is no comparison to these and the ones you get in a store!

So check out our booklets on everything from the basics of water purification (now there is an essential!) and storing that water in your own water tank to DIY solar food dryers and grain mills to help you prepare all that you raise. These booklets will guide you through the steps you need to know to grow even more self-sufficient and care for your loved ones by keeping them safe and secure.



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