alternative energyIn a world where alterative energy is associated with environmental consciousness and good land stewardship, we find ourselves looking for alternative fuel sources.

In layman’s terms alternative energy is defined as energy derived from natural sources, including water, sun, wind and/or tides.

This informative section addresses:

• Can I run a car on water?
• What are magnetic oscillating water purifiers?
• What is a magnetic water pump?
• How does a magnetic piston operate?
• What is a magnetic motor?
• How does a magnetic heating unit work?
• How can I make a fuel cell fixture?
• What is a hydrogen humidification bubbler?
And more!

alternate energyThe alternative energy guides on Ultimate Survival Skills are non-intimidating and do not require chemistry or engineering experience to duplicate the results.

Ranging from Making Electricity with Hydrogen, which explains how to make electricity from hydrogen and details how to create a gas fed battery that never requires recharging efforts, to Magnetic Energy: To Heal the Planet, Ultimate Survival Skill strives to provide a wealth of information in easy to read, simple formats.

Whether someone is looking to learn a new skill, create a positive impact on the environment, or simply seeking alternative fuel sources for survivalist and emergency preparedness situations, the informative guides provide information that will peak the interests of energy-burning consumers.

Whatever your reasons, start making a difference today!



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  1. You Will Survive Doomsday
  2. Bush Survival
  3. Survival Firearms
  4. Becoming Self Sufficient For Six Months
  5. Army Survival Manual
  6. Hurricane Survival
  7. Bulletproof Your Home
  8. Emergency Bug Out Planning Sheet
  9. What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent
  10. Earthquake Preparedness





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