diy biofuelIn areas where distilling alcohol is legal for personal consumption, it is important to know the basics of how to safely operate your own still.

Even if you do not personally consume alcohol, in emergency preparedness or survivalist situations, bartering alcohol can help you receive much-needed commodities, such as flour, meat and sugar.

Distilling alcohol is considered a type of DIY biofuel. These guides explain how to make a still in simple, layman’s terms.

Discover the answers to questions such as:

• What basic materials do I need to make my own still?
• How can I sterilize my equipment?
• What chemical mixtures do stills use?
• What do I need to know about the distillation process?
• What is starch converted into sugar?
• What is a good mash recipe?
• How can I filter liquor?
• How many types of stills are used to make moonshine?
And much more!

Ultimate Survival Skills’ website offers an abundance of DIY biofuel information, including books, charts, diagrams and graphs about stills. The Distillation of Spirits dates back to 2000 and is a very basic seven-step resource that explains the making moonshine process – from fermentation to consumption.

diy biofuelsThe 94-page resource Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel explains how to convert basic farm ingredients, such as corn, into ethyl alcohol, which is another valuable trading commodity in emergencies.

The toxicity of not preparing a still properly is also highlighted. Safety is highly encouraged and the benefits of practicing safely are explained in great detail, including the effects of ingestion, inhalation, skin contact and methanol’s highly flammable properties. When not distilled and handled properly, methanol is a dangerous poison and poses a number of hazards.

Learn more today and become familiar with the benefits of making your own moonshine!



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