electronicsHaving a basic understanding of electronics is helpful in any type of situation – albeit, it during an earthquake, natural disasters, manmade disaster, power outages, or even for survivalist situations.

While the word “electronics” may seem daunting to some, Ultimate Survival Skills offers a variety of helpful guides that makes learning the basics of electronics, and how to apply your newfound skills, to be as easy as 1-2-3.

With guides for people of all skill levels, the information you learn is an invaluable asset.

Designed to answers to questions such as:
• What are conducting materials?
• What is a capacitor?
• What are relays, switches and panel components?
• What should I know about soldering and de-soldering techniques?
• What is a simple formula to determine amps?
• What are molecules?
• What is an atom?
• What are ions?
And much more!

electronicWith detailed handbooks and references, such as the U.S. Army’s Fundamentals of Electricity Course, Basic Electronic Components and Hardware, including the ever-valuable home guide for Electrician’s Tricks of the Trade, Ultimate Survival Skills works to ensure that you have the basic electrical background necessary for emergency and disaster situations.

Simply put your knowledge to the test, which is easy as the U.S. Army guide even provides a self-testing reference for you to thoroughly verify your pristine electrical knowledge! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn something beneficial – the paybacks are practical, real world knowledge that you can immediately put to use.

Take the complicated nature out of the world of electronics and learn the basics behind this useful emergency-ready knowledge today!


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