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alternative living energyAlternative living energy appeals to a wide audience of people – from survivalists, environmentalists, and land stewards to people looking to save a little extra cash on their energy-draining electric bill.

Understanding the basics of solar energy, for example, can be helpful during an emergency crisis, allowing prepared parties to recharge batteries and supply energy to their homes for basic necessities, such as cooking food, maintaining refrigerators and freezers and even heating a home.

Ultimate Survival Skills’ informative guides and resources will answer the following questions, including:

• Is on-grid electricity cost effective?
• What is off-grid solar energy?
• How can I build my own voltage monitor?
• What is the best way to prepare for a power outage?
• How can I preserve my food supply during a power outage?
• How can I prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?
• What is the best way to store energy?
• What should I know about low voltage living?
And answers to many more!

alternative living energiesWith guides that range from selecting a generator to how to live without electricity, Ultimate Survival Skills offers a variety of resources to meet the ever-growing needs and demands of the current population.

If you seek a vast wealth of information related to renewable energy, the U.S. Department of Energy published a guide that highlights the answers to concerned citizens’ questions related to alternative living energy.

The American Red Cross resource explains how to effectively prepare for emergencies, including those with extended power outages. Knowing how to react to an emergency is just as important as being prepared. Without the ability to stay calm, advanced preparation is useless and ineffective.

Transform your home into an energy saving unit … learn how inexpensive and cost effective transitioning to alternative living energy is!



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