solar energySolar energy is not only environmentally friendly – the simple harnessing of the sun’s rays – but it is a cost-effective solution that can supply a vast amount of energy fuel. Whether you are looking at incorporating solar panels into your current home or wiring a new home with strictly solar paneling, the guides offered by Ultimate Survival Skills are extremely resourceful.

You will learn a variety of information, including:

• What is the best way to harness solar power?
• How many solar panels do I need?
• What are requirements for solar power hookup?
• Can I hook up to solar power for free?
• Are solar energy options cost effective for my lifestyle?
• What should I know before integrating solar power into my home?
And much more!

solar energiesWith basic, intermediate and advanced information provided on solar energy, you will learn inexpensive solar conversion methods, how to convert to guerrilla solar, about living off the grid, including Construction and Installation of a Batch-Type Homemade Solar Water Heater.

The valuable information also explains the basics behind hydrogen solar energy techniques, and how stored hydrogen actually can produce heat and electricity on demand, anytime of day and/or night!

You can also read a study produced by NASA that explains diverse economic heating solutions. The 60-page guide explains the different types of solar collectors available on the market, including their variations and performance analysis’s.

In a world where energy costs are soaring to market-high records, consumers should understand the basics of transitioning to more cost effective home solutions, such as solar energy.



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