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Below are the most common questions we’ve received email concerning. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below. Please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

Where Is Your Information Sourced?

Our information comes from a variety of sources. We’ve been building our information archives for over 15 years. During this time we’ve had the privilege of meeting many extremely knowledgable and talented people, and commissioning material from them. We’ve had and have access to a variety of private discussion forums and newsgroups, as well as private collections of various publications.

All our information could be considered factual and accurate, to the best of our knowledge. Testing and verifying every piece of information, in some cases, may mean breaking laws – so do not consider any information tested by us. However, the author of each publication usually includes feedback of their experience – and it is entirely up to the reader how to interpret this.

For these reasons, all of our publications are sold for the purposes of fictional, entertainment reading only. No information on any of our websites is intended to incite, condone or encourage breaking any laws.

Do You Offer Trial Memberships?

At this stage we do not offer trial memberships. The model our website operates on would obviously open us up to be taken advantage of if we offered trial memberships.

On our join page you can view a comprehensive video detailing how our website works, which should cover any questions you might have on the actual operation of our websites. If you have questions regarding a particular publication you are interested in reading, we invite you to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If I Cancel Before My Month Is Up, Will I Get Access Till The End Of The Month?


When you join, your access is set up for a month – no matter when you cancel your account. Each month you resubscribe, you are granted a further month access.

Is this site legal?


We provide publications for lawful research purposes only! We market, and promote our products as lawful research material not intended to incite, promote or assist in breaking of the law in any country.

If you are intending to use our material for a non-lawful purpose we ask that you do not join, and reconsider your intended actions!

If there is an indication that you are intending to use our material for a non-lawful purpose your membership will be disabled.

If you are unsure of your countries information laws and think there may be a problem we ask you consult your local authorities to ask.

What Personal & Billing Details Are Stored On Your Website?

We only store limited personal details on our website. They are stored securely in our database for the sole purpose of providing you access to what you have purchased. The details stored include your name, username and password and email address.

These details are stored for the duration of your membership. When your membership is terminated we delete all your account details from our server.

How Secure Are Your Credit Card Processor?

Paypal utilizes the absolute latest in high security encryption technology for all transactions. Your entire transaction is conducted over Paypal’s secure payment pages – NONE of your personal details are stored on our server.

Some people feel a little hesitant ordering online. This hesitation, while understandable, is really without reason. Ordering online, with the security provided by our reputable credit card transactor, is actually much more secure than ordering by phone or by conventional swipe methods. Ordering online removes the human element of the transaction, which is often the weak link, security wise.

We have been in business a long time, over 10 years now, utilizing online transacting as our only method of receiving payment. During this time we’ve built our system to be rock-solid when it comes to protecting our customers details – and kept our “ear to the ground” when it comes to the most secure online payment methods.

You can order with complete confidence that both your billing details, and your personal details are completely secure. On top of that, they will never be shared with unless a court issued warrant is provided and in sound legal standing.

For more information on our payment transactor security please visit the following page on their site:

If you have any further questions about our security when ordering please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

What Happens If I Share My Login?

If we detect multiple people/computers using the same login your account may be suspended for review. You are not permitted to share your login with others. Your membership is for your personal use only. If we find that your account is being shared it may be permanently disabled, your subscription terminated, and a refund denied.

Can I Download All Your Books?

We have no problem with our members downloading all of our publications for personal reference. You may not redistribute any of our publications in any way. All of our websites are frequently updated with new information – hence our subscription model.

Do You Publish Hardcopy Publications?

We do not publish any hardcopy publications. All publications exhibited on our websites’ are available in various electronic formats available for instant download.

Do You Sell Parts Or Chemicals?

No, we do not sell any parts or chemicals. We can not help with anything to do with supply of any tangible items.

Can I Have A Particular Book Or Books Mailed To Me?

Unfortunately we do not ship any of our books. All are available online in the popular PDF format. Access is granted to our entire collection of books through membership.

You are allowed to print out copies of our books for personal use. They print quickly and very easily, the only software required to print our books is Adobe Reader, supplied completely free. There is no fussing around with word processors or anything like that. You can produce your own hardcopy quickly and easily.

Can I Mail Payment By Post? What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

Unfortunately we can not accept any other forms of payment apart from those shown on our website. This includes mail, western union, cash etc.

Paypal has the option of funding by bank account or electronic check, which should be considered if you do not have a credit card available.

We DO accept prepaid visa cards! You can purchase these at all major department stores.

How Does Your Website Work? How Do I Access The Books?


As a guest you are able to view comprehensive descriptions of all of our publications. Viewing of the actual publications is reserved for members only.

Our “Join” page has a detailed video of the join process and how this site works. If you are curious of the exact steps to becoming a member then I advise you watch the video on the ultimatesurvivalskills.com Join Page.

My Credit/Debit Card Isn’t Being Accepted

This can sometimes happen for a range of reasons. The easiest way to get around this problem is use another card. If you do not have another card to use please double check that your:

  • Name on card
  • Address
  • CSV number
  • Phone number

All match what your bank has on file for you. This is the most common reason cards are declined.

If you are totally sure your billing details are correct, but you are still unable to successfully make payment, we suggest phoning your bank and quoting the time of your attempted transaction. On occasion, some banks block their customers credit cards from being processed by overseas credit card processors. You should be able to have this bar lifted by phoning them.

There is nothing we can do here to solve a problem of a non-accepted card.

I’m Not Able To Log In

Don’t Panic!

Before contacting us please first check the following:

Have you paid?

If you have not been returned to the receipt page back on the website which you joined then you possibly have not successfully made payment..

Check your email

You will have been sent a number of emails confirming your site login and password, and receipts for your payment and confirmation of subscription. Double check your login details in the email to ensure you are not mistyping.

Lost your login details?

Our member login page has a password recovery feature. Enter the email address you used to signup to retrieve your login details.

Still not working

If you have your login details but they are simply not being accepted then please contact us, include as much information about your account as possible. This includes email address, subscription ID#, username etc.

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