Canning and Pickling

canning and picklingFood preservation is an important aspect of emergency preparedness. If you have a garden or simply enjoy the cost benefits of buying fresh foods in bulk, knowing how to preserve foods – via canning and pickling methods – is an important step in being environmentally conscious and not wasteful.

Plenty of foods are easily canned, ranging from homemade jams, jellies, fruit preserves, pickled asparagus, beets, carrots, apples, green beans, corn, sauces, relish, pickles and even fish!

The guides offered by Ultimate Survival Skills take the daunting complexity and intimidation out of canning.

Many questions will be answered, including:

• What is the best method for canning?
• Is using the boiling water canning method safe?
• What should I know about preserving fruit?
• What are the hazards of canning bread?
• What should I know about canning pumpkin butter?
• How can I cure fish?
• Can I make freezer jam?
• What vegetables are best to pickle?
• How can I preserve tomatoes?
• What are the basics of learning to use a pressure cooker?
And many more!

can and pickleThese valuable resources, ranging from learning how to can in boiling water will teach you how to safely can foods and prevent food-bourne illness, caused by botulism and other unsafe canning practices.

Not only do homemade jams, jellies, fruit spreads, preserves and lemon curds make excellent toppings for homemade breads and pastries, but also they are also excellent gifts to give friends and family!

While cured fish may not sound like the most appetizing treat, this high-protein food is excellent for emergencies and survivalists. Easily stored in a pantry, having a readily available supply of meat that does not rely on conventional methods of energy for long-term storage is exceptionally valuable.

Learn more today by reading these informative detailed guides!



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