freezing foodAlthough freezing food is a very old way of preserving it, the modern version of frozen foods did not appear until the 1950s. In fact, Clarence Birdseye, the founder of modern frozen foods got his ideas from the way that Native American tribes would use freezing to store fish. But with the advent of the modern refrigerator and freezer, this economical way to store any kind of food has grown even more in popularity.

For anyone considering long term food storage however, there are some definite rules you need to know to keep that food fresh tasting and safe to eat.

freezing foodsVacuum sealers for frozen foods will extend their shelf life because air and moisture are the two things that destroy the quality of frozen foods. But just because it is safe to eat doesn’t mean you will want to, freezing does affect the texture of meat that is frozen for longer than a year. So although you can probably keep that leftover chicken in the fridge for several years without it becoming unsafe to eat, it probably wouldn’t taste too good by the time you thawed it.

For those looking to learn about freezing food with the thought of long term storage, it is a good idea to find out first about the right and wrong way to plan for this. There are definitely things you cannot freeze, like lettuce (which just disintegrates), or don’t want to because of how it affects it, like dark coffee beans where the oils will turn brittle.

There are two reasons to learn about food freezing and the first is generally when your power goes off and you need to find a way to take care of all that frozen food. That is where A Quick Guide to Preserving Meat and What To Do if the Freezer Stops Working will come in handy. For those looking for a guide on the best approach to freezing fruits or vegetables in their freezer for the long term, our Guide to Freezing Fruits and Vegetables will have all the information you need.

Our guides can give you answers to many questions about freezing food including:

  • What are the best containers for freezing foods?
  • What is the freezer storage life for what I am freezing?
  • How do I prepare fruit for freezing?
  • What vegetables need to be blanched before freezing?
  • How do I prevent fruits and vegetables from discoloring when I freeze them?



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