make pastryWhen it comes to a great meal, nothing quite completes it like a great piece of homemade cake or pie. The truth is it doesn’t need complicated tools or even a fancy oven to make great pastry; it mostly just needs patience and time. So no matter what kind of life you lead, if you can find the time to make pastry you have just improved that life.

There are all kinds of tips for baking, such as running your hands under cold water while you make pastry or pre-chilling your tools. These may help, but the bottom line is that you want to handle pastry as little as possible. But most of all relax and enjoy it when you make pastry and it will show in what you make.

If you have ever wanted to make a buttery cream icing just like you see in the bakeries or take a simple cake and turn it into a many-layered masterpiece, we have just the right instructions to walk you through it with step by step directions and photos to give you all the baker’s tips.

making pastryIf you have mastered the art of baking a cake but wanted to do just a bit more with it, our booklet on how to assemble a cake stack is sure to help. the directions are clear and you will end up feeling like a master baker. You can finish off that cake stack in a beautiful way with our handy guide to cake icing. These are two sure fire ways to improve the worst day with a sweet treat anyone will enjoy.



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