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Food is, without a doubt, the most important resource we need to ensure our survival from one day to the next. Our bodies simply cannot live without the essential nutrients, minerals recipe booksand vitamins that food contains. Whether you grow your own, hunt your own, buy/trade your own or some combination thereof, knowing what to do with the food you acquire makes all the difference in keeping your meals from being the “same old, same old, day in, day out” we prefer to avoid.

This is why recipe books are such a staple in our kitchens and often become treasured family heirlooms, carrying through several generations.

Between the tips, instructions and inspiration they provide, they allow us to create tasty meals that satisfy our palettes, as well as our basic, visceral need for sustenance. We can adapt recipes to suit ingredients we have on hand, prevent an allergic reaction, accommodate a healthy diet, etc. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

No matter your cooking goals, we’ve got you covered with a broad-range compilation of resources you can’t go wrong with, including:

cookbookAmong the best of our recipe books is “Asian Vegetarian Recipes For Health And Longevity“, which demonstrates that vegetarian meals don’t have to be all about steamed veggies and rice, with no flavor.  These recipes are not only delicious, they cover a wide range of cooking techniques – from salads to stir-fry to deep-fry – and how to get the most flavor from your natural ingredients using herbs and spices.  Going even further, you’ll learn the many health benefits of Asian cuisine.

If you find that, after stocking your recipe book with Asian favorites, you want some more useful info, be sure to check out our food planning section for more excellent options!

There’s nothing like a delicious, healthy meal to satisfy body and mind!



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