CompostingCompost. Affectionately known as “black gold” by gardeners.

Composting is the equivalent of organic recycling. The process of composting converts garden, food and other organic waste into a nutrient rich earthy material that can be dug back in to the garden, entering it right back into your garden life-cycle.

But, composting is not simply throwing your scraps into a pile and waiting for it to break down.

A healthy, sustainable compost requires a finely tuned little eco-system to itself. It’s not rocket science, but understanding the various dynamics of the composting process ensures you build a healthy compost “heap” that is alive and quickly churns out loads of FREE, nutrient rich, organic super-fertilizer.

Discover the answers to such questions as:

  • What proportions should a compost be sized?
  • How often should I turn it over?
  • Does light affect the composting process?
  • What temperature should my compost be at?
  • What can – and can’t I add to my compost?
  • How do I encourage Worms and other good creepy crawlies, while preventing the undesirable ones?

And much more!

No garden should be without a healthy, buzzing, crawling warm compost heap, ready to break down all food and garden waste into nutrient-rich earth in a matter of weeks.

Ultimate Survival Skills’ flagship book “Benefits of Composting: Turing Waste Into Treasure” divulges the necessary facts on how to manage a healthy, vibrant and ultimately successful compost cycle.

Whether you’re a couple living in a small urban setting, or a large family living rural, you’ll discover exactly what you need to know to get your compost pile started right away, and keep it working all year round.

When you’ve got your composting sorted, make sure you check out our many vegetable growing guides and books. Veges just LOVE growing in earth that’s been dug-over with a bit of compost, and we have all the help you need to guide you on the design and growing of a successful vege-garden!

A buzzing compost heap and a lushes vege garden – what better combination!?




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