hydroponicsWhat do you know about hydroponics? Simply defined, hydroponics is the scientific method of growing plants in soilless mediums.

Hydroponics makes growing vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers in small areas – such as confined apartments, indoors in colder climates or in areas where there are poor soils – a viable possibility.

Ideal for people who desire fresh produce, survivalists or those seeking self-sustaining supplies for emergency preparedness situations, hydroponics makes growing plants easy.

The guides will teach you:

• What are the advantages to growing plants hydroponically?
• How do plants grow in soilless mediums?
• Can I use these gardening techniques year round?
• Can I make my own plant nutrients?
• What temperature and climate is best for using hydroponic methods?
• What vegetables grow well in hydroponic conditions?
• What are the four hydroponic growing methods?
And much more!

hydroponicIf you have ever desired fresh produce that grows practically on demand, year round, then hydroponic gardening may be the ideal solution for you and your family!

Featuring two excellent resources, Hydroponics for the Home Gardener, which focuses on the scientific principles of this growing medium, and a vast amount of information from the Hydroponics Online School, you will understand how to properly use this innovative growing method.

Begin your hydroponics soilless garden today!


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