outdoor gardeningWhether you are looking to reduce your grocery bill, grow chemical-free produce, be self-sustaining when it comes to food supplies or simply be prepared for emergencies, growing your own garden is a fun, practical and desirable learning experience.

You and your family will enjoy learning outdoor gardening techniques, including how to create rich soil for your vegetables, proper planting methods, watching your seedlings grow into mature plants and studying their growing transition towards producing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ultimate Survival Skills offers a large number of outdoor gardening guides that will teach you valuable gardening knowledge, including:

• How should I layout my garden?
• What vegetables grow well in the summer and fall months?
• What are the advantages to raised gardening beds?
• How should I start my seedlings?
• What are pest and insect control methods?
• What is the difference between annuals and perennials?
• What should I know about planting and harvesting asparagus?
• Can I plant a successful garden in a small space?
• What are the best vegetables to grow?
• What are the easiest vegetables to successfully grow?
• Can I plant a fall vegetable garden?
• What are good plants for containers?
• Can I grow my own artichokes?
• What should I know about drip irrigation?
• Should I have an organic, chemical-free garden?
And much more!

outdoor gardenThese guides range from basic, intermediate to advanced and are perfect for novice to master gardeners. Ranging from vegetable gardening projects for children, planning a garden for a smaller urban area and container gardening on a deck or patio, to having a large garden that encompasses a rural area, Ultimate Survival Skills ensures there is a gardening guide for everyone!

Just in time for spring, begin planning your outdoor garden today!


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