Colloidal Silver

colloidal silverW hen it comes to history, using colloidal silver or medical silver has been around for centuries. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, colloidal silver was commonly used around the world for healing and as an agent to prevent the introduction of microbes. Colloidal silver is simply microscopic bits of silver that are suspended in a liquid form, and their use as a medical cure-all has generated quite a bit of controversy.

Although nothing has been proven or disproved at this point, we leave it up to you to decide just what the truth is. Modern medicine does continue to use a form of colloidal silver for external infections such as silver nitrate solutions applied to a newborn baby’s eyes to prevent conjunctivitis. The booklets in this section should give you a good idea of the various uses of colloidal silver in today’s alternative medicine.

medical silverIf you are new to the idea of using colloidal silver for health, you might want to read through our introductory booklet on the history and uses of it in The History of Colloidal Silver.

For those who have done the reading and are ready to begin making their own, our guide with step by step instructions How to Make Colloidal Silver is probably the book for you.

And for those advanced people who have been using it for years and are ready to move to the next step of production and storage we have the Colloidal Silver Expert Handbook for you.

You can use these guides to give you answers to many of the questions people have about colloidal silver including:

  • What medical studies have been done on colloidal silver?
  • What is the history of colloidal silver?
  • How do I make a colloidal silver generator?
  • What kinds of diseases can be treated with colloidal silver?
  • What are the optimum usage levels for colloidal silver?



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