First Aid

first aid survivalWhat you need in any kind of first aid survival kit depends upon your current location. If you live in a city, you may not need a location mirror but a folding knife with Leatherman’s tool kit may be easily carried around in a city as a basic survival kit, along with the ever present handkerchief or bandana.

Your car and home should both have very complete first aid survival kits as well as your office desk, since you are most likely to be in one of these three locations if an emergency such as an earthquake or tornado should hit.

The basics for good first aid survival are to start with preventative measures. Many incidences of disease, insect bites and infection could have been avoided by maintaining a healthy diet, practicing daily cleaning habits and wearing the appropriate clothing for the situation. That said, sometimes even with all the precautions we find we will still need some kind of first aid survival knowledge, especially in emergency situations.

If you have learned the basics, set up good complete first aid survival kits in all your primary locations, you should be able to weather the most severe emergency situation for the first critical 48 hours.

In this section we have two basic types of first aid survival booklets. The first type is the kind that you read for the information and then print and put with your first aid kit or post nearby such as our Basics to CPR. We also have a selection of specific injury first aid instructions you might want to download for your hard drive as a reference or print out and keep in a binder near the first aid kit, such as our instructions on what to do in the case of bee stings.

surviving with first aidThe other type of booklets we have are reference material that would be best kept on a hard drive for quick and easy reference, such as The Basic Guide to Military First Aid or the very good overview document The Handbook of Survival Medicine. Both of these would be a good reference, especially in cases of emergency situations if you have read them ahead of time to be familiar with the material they contain.

All of these first aid survival documents can help anyone in an emergency situation by giving solid information to handle all the basic first aid needs. They also can help to answer some basic first aid questions including:

  • How to stop bleeding and protect a wound
  • What the first thing is you need to do when bitten by an animal
  • Food considerations for diabetics in an emergency
  • How to improvise splints and slings



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