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Among the most important things to be prepared for are a lack of food/water, emergency shelter and medical care.  Without these elements in place, most of the rest simply doesn’t matter survival medicine– we must be safe and healthy first and foremost to meet the most basic of our needs.

Knowing the best actions to take in an emergency medical situation can make all the difference in the following:

  • The quality of care an ill or injured person receives
  • The amount of mental or physical trauma they carry
  • How well they recover

…so on and so forth.  Therefore, it is a crucial element to include in your plan for self-sustainability and overall preparedness for any eventuality.

In any situation, and especially a catastrophic one, the need for medical care and first aid is both essential and inevitable.  You can ensure your preparedness for this by taking a survival medicine course, learning through an expert you know, stocking up on medical supplies…

…and reading as much as possible to be fully informed on the topic.

emergency medicineA good place to start is with our Guide to Survival Medicine, which includes comprehensive information on not only administering emergency medicine but also on knowing how to tell the difference between care that helps and care that could harm the person you’re trying to help – a very important distinction to make before the fact!

For more on essential medical know-how, be sure to visit our section on first aid.  There, you’ll find useful info on CPR, treating animal bites, burns, blisters and more.

It never hurts to be prepared…but not being prepared could smart a bit!



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