survival hygeneCleanliness is one of those things that we always consider in our day-to-day life, but often gets overlooked when planning for the unexpected.  While it’s true that survival hygiene will inevitably be handled differently, it’s an area that should be given a priority on your prepping list.

But where to start?

Everybody will approach this question in their own way, whether the decision is to stock up on the items used daily, stock up the ingredients to make new versions of those items or another plan altogether.  For many, the real questions go much further than simply where to start, such as asking:

  • What items or type of items (i.e. body/hair, teeth, dishes, laundry, etc.) do I use everyday for cleanliness?
  • How do I translate this list into a list of things to stock?
  • Is it necessary to adjust the current cleanliness routine (i.e. cut back on amounts or frequency to extend supply)?
  • Can I find alternatives, replacements or substitutes if these items can no longer be found (i.e. making your own)?
  • What’s the plan on obtaining these new items, should it become necessary?
  • Will it be necessary to buy portable cleanliness equipment or supplies?

Asking yourself the hard, in-depth questions now and finding your answers for them can save a lot of grief down the road and ensure your preparations for maintaining cleanliness in any situation.

And you know what they say about cleanliness!

keeping cleanWe’ve got a concise little guide, “Making Homemade Soap“, that can help get you started on the road to survival hygene.  In it, you’ll find advice on the specifics and safety of making your own soap, as well as tips for customizing the recipe to suit your preferences.

While keeping your body, clothing and shelter spic-n-span is important, so is ensuring that you have the proper clothing on hand for staying warm and dry.  Check out our clothing and crafts section for more!


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