survival vitaminsWhether you get it from the food you eat or a supplement in pill form, vitamins are a necessity for life.  Our bodies need them for maintaining health and well-being, both physical and mental.

It’s fairly commonly found knowledge that these helpful little compounds are good for various bodily functions, such as Vitamin E for soothing and healing skin conditions or Vitamin B7 (Biotin) for strengthening hair, skin and nails. We also know a bit about the many possible combinations (i.e. multi-vitamins) and how they enhance our performance throughout the day, by assisting the heart, providing extra energy or boosting brain power.

However, what’s less well-known is exactly how these vitamins work…calling them survival vitamins is only scratching the surface!

This is an area that scientists have been working on for years.  As they’ve taken them apart literally as far down as the cellular level, they’ve discovered more and more about how they react within our bodies to affect functioning and overall health.

vitamins and mineralsOur comprehensive Guide To How Vitamins Work gives you the skinny on the chemical compounds and reactions involved with these survival vitamins.  If you’ve ever been interested in how the body works, how foods and nutritional supplements assist the body in it’s day-to-day workings, and the role of vitamins for health in general, this guide has the info you want…616 pages full of it!

You may find that, while you’re learning so much about vitamins, you want to test some of your knowledge by making healthy meals based on what you’ve learned.  Ultimate Survival Skills has a useful section on recipe books to give you a boost in that direction.  Go ahead…give ’em a try!



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