survival navigationWhat do you know about survival navigation? Do you know enough basic information to travel in the wilderness without getting lost? If your car was to break down and you were stranded in a remote area, could you trek through the wilderness to find help?

Do not become a statistic. Learn the basics about survival navigation from one of the many lengthy guides on Ultimate Survival Skills’ website.

Many questions will be addressed and answered, including:

• What should I know about mountaineering conditions?
• What mountaineering equipment should I have if I am traveling in the wilderness?
• What basic climbing techniques should I be familiar with?
• How can I find my way with a map and compass?
• How can I determine direction?
• How can I avoid getting lost?
And much more!

survival navigationsThe 177-page guide designed for the U.S. Army Infantry School shares a vast amount of information about Mountaineering Techniques. The U.S. Army Training Support Center wrote an excellent 23-page resource entitled How to Avoid Getting Lost. This guide explains the basics behind determining your current location, how to determine distance using the bar scale and pacing methods, how to determine directions using a compass and how to read elevation and peaks.

Whether you are looking for a guide to prepare you for emergencies or are a true survivalist at heart, it is important for you and your family to learn how to remain calm if lost and how to properly determine which direction you should travel.

Learn more today and download these informative resources!



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  1. You Will Survive Doomsday
  2. Bush Survival
  3. Survival Firearms
  4. Becoming Self Sufficient For Six Months
  5. Army Survival Manual
  6. Hurricane Survival
  7. Bulletproof Your Home
  8. Emergency Bug Out Planning Sheet
  9. What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent
  10. Earthquake Preparedness





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