emp survivalAn EMP, or electro-magnetic pulse, has the ability to disrupt the entire power grid either locally or nationally, dependent on the altitude in which an EMP attack is launched.  Cars with computer chips would no longer work, nothing electrical would run…it goes without saying the effects would be devastating on our modern culture’s technology and the way we do things in general.  Are you ready for the aftermath of an event like this?

Many experts have concluded we’d be sent back to the 19th century, technologically, and it could take as long as 10 years to have the gird as we know it back up and running!

Luckily, there are ways to ensure surviving an EMP attack and protect, not only your electrical devices and appliances but also your home and loved ones.  Saying it would be easy to set up and have at maximum, however, is another matter but being prepared for as many foresee-ables as possible rarely is.

emp attackOne of our best guides on EMP survival is “EMP Attack Threat & Strategies For Protection“, which is a 28-page military manual on threat assessment & scenarios, critical system failures and strategies for protecting you and yours in the event of an EMP attack.

During the restructuring phase following an EMP-related situation, re-establishing communication will be a critical and necessary part of the process.  Our section on radio and communication is an invaluable resource for setting up the systems you’d need to reconnect with the community, maintain that connection and ensure assistance for re-building in your area by passing along needed information.

Through effective preparations and steadfast endurance, we can see our way through any situation!


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