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 NBC survivalWhen September 11th happened many for the first time stopped to consider what it would take to survive a nuclear biological or chemical (NBC) attack. The truth is, with education and some precautions most people can make NBC survival a reality. There are some basics that most of the population doesn’t even know they have access to, information that can save lives.

The shock from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) can effectively destroy all and any electronic devices and the heat pulse from the initial explosions can start fires through glass windows 20 miles away. A blast wave from a nuclear explosion will travel several seconds behind the heat blast and is capable of bursting eardrums in people who are 10-15 miles from ground zero. Obviously the further you are from the initial blast, the better your chances to find shelter and survive.

Although the chances of survival are directly related to your physical proximity to the initial attack and the type of attack that it is, there are ways to be prepared.

In this section you will find documents that will give you a better understanding of what to expect in an attack and how to make NBC survival a real possibility for you and your family. If you live in an area where there is pronounced military presence, then understanding their role in a response to nuclear attack may allow you to develop plans that will work with instead of against the military response. The booklet Military Tactics for NBC Disaster Management will help with this, as well as give you valuable information on how the military plan to address the after effects of an NBC Disaster.

surviving NBC attacksWhen it comes to preparing your family for dealing with the effects of military attack that involves NBC weapons, familiarity with our U.S. Military Medical Handbook for NBC Conditions is an invaluable guide for what to expect. Although not intended for civilian use, the information contained in it is practical and thorough.

 While none of us want or expect another attack like the one witnessed on that fateful day, we know now that we need to be prepared for it. These booklets can help anyone be prepared to handle an attack and make NBC survival a real possibility for the vast majority of the population. It is only with knowledge and preparation that we can expect to overcome the horrors of this very real threat.



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