Fire Building

fire buildingWhen it comes to basic survival, fire building is something that everyone should know. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about getting lost while hiking outdoors, being caught in a storm while driving or trying to survive a nuclear holocaust. Being able to build a fire from the most basic of tools is something that everyone should know, and can be the difference between surviving or not.

The ability to create heat is a basic, in fact it is the ability to make fire when we need it that separates us from animals and that most archeologists use as a determinate on when we became human. Being able to make a firepit and stay warm when lost in the woods could mean the difference of whether you survive the night or not. Of course, just lighting a fire is not enough, true fire building requires knowledge of tinder, kindling, and how to arrange the wood to control the amount of heat and length of time you want the fire to burn. Circumstances will dictate what kind of fire you make and how to build a fire for your specific needs.

howtobuildafireIn this section we will address everything from the tools for making a fire in our booklet on The Workings of Flint and Steel and How To Make Fireproof Matches to some woodcraft survival techniques such as How to Make a Dakota Firepit and How to Make a Firebed. Firebeds have saved the lives of countless hikers trapped by sudden changes in weather and are something anyone who enjoys hiking or camping should know how to do.

While knowing the skill of fire building may seem like a simple thing, it is that simple knowledge in these booklets that can save a life or at least make it easier. Fire is such a basic in our lives we almost take it for granted and yet without the knowledge of how to build a fire we would all be sitting in the dark and the cold.



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  1. You Will Survive Doomsday
  2. Bush Survival
  3. Survival Firearms
  4. Becoming Self Sufficient For Six Months
  5. Army Survival Manual
  6. Hurricane Survival
  7. Bulletproof Your Home
  8. Emergency Bug Out Planning Sheet
  9. What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent
  10. Earthquake Preparedness





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