survival psychologyJust as important as possessing a vast knowledge of survival techniques is survival psychology. The brain can easily psych someone out, putting him/her in a state of ultimate defeat.

These guides provided by Ultimate Survival Skills are designed to help you overcome that mental block in an emergency preparedness situation and allow you to focus on the critical tasks at hand – saving you and your loved ones.

These guides will answer:

• What psychological effects do disasters have on children?
• What type of behavioral issues might children exhibit?
• What can parents and adults do to help children overcome these psychological effects?
• What are the best methods for coping with a traumatic event?
• What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
• How can I learn to cope with a real life emergency survival situation?
And much more!

survival psychologiesWhile the physical rollercoaster of experiencing an emergency or a survival-type situation offers an instant adrenaline rush, knowing how to cope with the psychological after effects is also necessary. Reading guides and mentally preparing you and your family for potential hardships may help with some of the initial shock.

With resources provided by the Washington Military Department and Emergency Management Division and Department of Health and Human Services Injury Prevention, people can rest assured knowing that wide spread knowledge concerning survival psychology is available online.

Download these guides today so you and your family can begin preparing for any unfortunate future emergencies that may potentially arise.



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  1. You Will Survive Doomsday
  2. Bush Survival
  3. Survival Firearms
  4. Becoming Self Sufficient For Six Months
  5. Army Survival Manual
  6. Hurricane Survival
  7. Bulletproof Your Home
  8. Emergency Bug Out Planning Sheet
  9. What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent
  10. Earthquake Preparedness





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