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survival knotsAre you familiar with the basic techniques and principles behind tying survival knots? Whether referring to how to tie surgical knots in dire life-saving emergency situations or how to design and tie a simple paracord bracelet, understanding basic knot tying technology is important.

Perhaps you live on a farm and in an emergency, you find yourself in a rural area without a veterinarian or immediate medical assistance. Where do you turn? Your valuable Encyclopedia of Knots.

You will learn:

• What basic knots should I be familiar with?
• What are square knots?
• What is a surgeon’s knot, otherwise known as a friction knot?
• How can I tie a ligation around a hemostatic clamp?
• What is a granny knot?
• What materials can I use for sutures?
• What types of materials make excellent absorbable sutures?
• What type of surgical needles should I use?
And much more!

survival knotWith valuable tips that explain how to properly practice tying knots, you will learn basic knot tying principles. These techniques can then be used across a wide array of fields, including learning how to tie knots to make an effective snare. (Check out our survival trap section!)

Other people may be interested in decorative techniques, such as tying their own paracord bracelet or making bracelets for friends and family members. Basic knot tying skills are valuable resources to have in case of emergencies or survivalist situations.

Learning how to tie knots is not only excellent knowledge for adults, but makes a fun-filled learning experience for children.



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