survival weaponsOne of the oldest debates since the beginning of time is the selection and choice of survival weapons. In primitive times, this involved which rock was the steadfast, sure choice, slingshots, traps or snares. Today, with the development of modern weapons, choices have expanded beyond natural objects and have entered into the realm of man-made dreams and designs.

First, you must decide if owning a survival weapon is something feasible for you and your family, and a choice you are 100% comfortable making. If you decide to go forth with pursuing the purchase of a survival weapon or possibly several survival weapons, these guides will help answer:

• What type of weapon is best for my family and me?
• Should I train my entire family on how to use a weapon?
• What priority should I put on weapon safety?
• What are the differences between a pistol and rifle?
• What guns are best for hunting big game?
• Are certain guns better for self-defense situations?
• How should I carry my gun?
• What is the difference between caliber sizes?
• What should I know before purchasing a gun?
• What type of ammunition will I need?
And much more!

Owning a gun does not necessarily indicate that someone is a survivalist or a government extremist. In fact, many people own guns. Whether some people pursue gun collections as a form of art, others prefer to master the art of target practice, some desire protection against intruders and criminals, and another group includes avid hunters – both big game and those who desire to hunt for avian species. As you can see, gun owners incorporate people from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and people with a vast array of interests.

survival weaponWhether you are looking for the basic differences between a .22LR and a 30 calibre, understanding the power of shotguns or rifles, Ultimate Survival Skills’ desires to answer all your questions pertaining to survival weapons – even other types of weapons, such as bows!


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